Guidelines for Survey of Sailing Craft

Author(s)                 CCS
Publisher CCS
Date 2012
Pages 27
Format pdf
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   These Guidelines published by CCS apply to all newly built pleasure and leisure sailing crafts having not more than 24 meters in length. For the purpose of this document, the design categories of such crafts have been divided into five categories, depending on the navigation distance and wave height. Apart from the general provisions and compliance survey information, the Guidelines address hull structure, namely its local strength, covering also monohull and catamaran type crafts, requirements to the ballast keel, masts and chainplates; stability matters have been addressed in the separate chapter of the publication. The last part has been solely dedicated by the authors to the operational requirements, such as ones applicable to the owner's manual and operation itself. Needless to say that this document will be useful for the owners and crew members of any small leisure and pleasure craft of the length below the limit specified herein, not necessarily classed with the Chinese Register. The technical information provided in the Guidelines will be equally practical and applicable to any other craft since the physics and behavior at sea and during the calm/harsh weather would obviously remain same.

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