Guidelines on Evaluation of Manoeuvring Characteristics of Inland Navigation Ships

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Publisher RS
Date 2011
Pages 26
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   The present official Guidelines have been released by Russian Register based on the Administrative instructions Nos. 1 & 2 containing applicable requirements to such the important aspects as capacity for taking evasive action, turning capacity, and also concerning the prescribed forward speed/stopping capacity/astern capacity. They were approved in accordance with the established approval procedures and are therefore in force since January 1, 2011. The Guidelines are intended to specify the applicable requirements for manoeuvring characteristics of inland navigation ships and convoys in compliance with the requirements of the applicable Rules. Fulfillment of the present Guidelines requirements would mean that the vessel's manoeuvring characteristics may be considered compliant with the EC requirements. This book starts with some general info and application terms, followed by the scope of technical supervision and definitions used in the document. Then there are requirements related to the capacity for taking evasive action and to the turning capacity, and requirements dealing with the speed, stopping and astern capacity; the matters concerning measuring, re cording/ registration of the data collected in the course of the tests, are also addresses along with the test evaluation results.

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