Guidelines on Technical Supervision During Construction and Operation of Subsea Pipelines

Author(s)                 RS
Publisher RS
Date 2009
Pages 66
Format pdf
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   These RMRS Guidelines shall apply to the subsea pipelines as specified in 1.1.1 of the Russian Register Subsea Pipeline Rules and to the materials and products addressed thereof. The document provides general provision on technical supervision of the such pipelines, technical documentation, issue relating to the recognition of manufacturers, service suppliers and laboratories, as well as construction and operation of the subsea pipelines; it covers the steel rolled products and pipes used for the pipelines, castings and forgings, valves and flexible pipes, corrosion protection matters, welding procedures and qualification of welders, subsea pipeline routes, mobilization of pipe-laying barges or vessels involved in the activities, installation of the pipelines, laying and testing them. The publication also includes technical recommendations of surveys of such pipelines in operation as well as to the repairs of the lines - generally, all requirements to apply during and after construction of the subsea pipelines, determination of the acceptability of steel subsea pipelines deviation from their original route, effect of the seabed soil erosion, pipe dent and surface corrosion, pitting corrosion, scores on the external surface, material laminar imperfection, cracks and crack-like defects etc.

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