Handbook of Electronics Formulas, Symbols and Definitions

Author(s)                 John R. Brand
Publisher Springer
Date 2012
Pages 403
Format pdf
Size 5.9 Mb

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   The book that we are now presenting to your attention has been specifically prepared by author, John R. Brand, for the industry engineers, as well as commercial operators, electricians, and even students and enthusiasts, i.e. for literally any person having some minimum knowledge of electrical terminology and some theory, and the declared ultimate intention was to provide them all with a comprehensive but compact and easy-to-use reference book containing all relevant technical info that they might require in their day-to-day activities or study, including schematic diagrams, approximations, symbols and formulas, all definitions required for today's active/passive analog circuit technology. The way materials have been arranged in this publication allows readers to easily locate any desired formula without making it necessary to use the index. The publication contains sufficient technical information, approximations and schematic diagrams, various alternate methods and footnotes arranged in a very easy-to-use manner. The handbook will definitely be very useful to electrical engineers and future professionals since it could be used as a reference book, for the classroom training or for the self-study. All formulas that have been provided in this volume use only the basic units and are listed alphabetically.​

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but  its not downloadable?????
please retry it works
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