Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment

Author(s)                  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Publisher Defense Mapping Agency
Date 2004
Pages 46
Format pdf
Size 1.8 Mb

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   This technical document has been specifically prepared with the main aim of the author to provide all readers with the pertinent info related to the established practical procedures of adjusting the magnetic compasses in a single volume. The author of the book has addressed the fundamental theoretical principles of the deviation of magnetic compasses together with their correction, not going too deep into the specific details of particular magnetic compass equipment. The text of this volume is presented as a systematic treatise covering all aspects of magnetic compass adjustments; the personnel of the vessel having little to no experience with correcting the magnetic compasses, will appreciate the info contained in the book that will help them eliminate the errors satisfactorily and it will not be required to perform any intensive and thorough study of the whole text. The chapters of the handbook provide the established procedures for the adjustment of the magnetic compasses, theoretical basics of the magnetism, practical adjustment procedures, heading of the vessel and azimuths, corrector effects and typical deviation curve, using of the different instruments for correction, records and reports of magnetic compasses, intro to the degaussing etc. Definitely must-read volume for any crew member dealing with magnetic compasses in any way.

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