Handbook of Modern Sensors - Physics, Designs, and Applications

Author(s)                 Jacob Fraden
Publisher Springer
Date 2004
Pages 589
Format pdf
Size 10.1 Mb

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   This book has been dedicated to the electrical devices that are commonly called sensors. The invention of the microprocessors that took place in the past, has resulted in the development of the very sophisticated instruments into the human life - nowadays, the microprocessors are considered the integral parts of the various computerized appliances used everywhere today. In this volume the author covered many modern detectors and sensors; of course, it is not possible to embrace in the single volume the whole variety of electrical sensors together with their applications. The author did rather make the attempt to generate a good and useful reference text to be used by students and researchers being interested in modern instrumentation, application engineers, sensor engineers and technicians who must have a very thorough understanding of the sensors, know how to select them and design the sensors for practical electrical systems. Numerous chapters of the book cover data acquisition, various technical characteristics of the sensors, sensing principles, optical components, interface circuits, motion and occupancy detectors, position/displacement/level, velocity and acceleration, pressure sensors, force/strain/tactile sensors, flow- and acoustic sensors, humidity/moisture sensors, temperature sensors, light detectors, chemical sensors and radiation detectors, materials the sensors are made of and technologies involved etc.

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