Handbook of Transformer Design and Applications

Author(s)                 William M. Flanagan
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 1993
Pages 496
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb

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   This handbook was initially aimed to address such the important topics related to the design and various possible applications of the electrical power transformers as the electric/magnetic fundamentals, analysis of the electric circuits, their power performance of power, wide-band, audio and pulse transformers, application of the ferromagnetic materials in the inductors and transformers, thermal and mechanical and thermal considerations, core design procedures, insulation arrangements, inverter and rectifier, multiple-phase transformers, quality assurance, use of computers etc. The present second release of the handbook updates the readers with what is now considered a standard reference relating to the transformer application and design, and it also features a wide selection of modern computer solutions to the numerous transformer circuit problems. Every chapter of the handbook is reflecting the very latest technological advances. Try this handbook and you will definitely get much closer to the correct understanding of the design of power transformers. The material has been presented in a very understandable way without having to go too deep into the maths and theory so that everyone could find the book useful for training, including self-study.​

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