Harris Shock and Vibration Handbook

Author(s)                 Allan Piersol, Thomas Paez
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2009
Pages 1168
Format pdf
Size 11.7 Mb

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   Here is one of the most popular and classical reference books on shock and vibration, and this release has been updated with the recent advances. The comprehensive publication was prepared by a big team made of the internationally known and recognized professionals to provide readers with all technical information they would require when carrying over the design and analysis, as well as the installation and maintenance of the systems that are commonly subject to shocks and vibration of mechanical nature. The volume is covering the theory and applicable instrumentation, means of measurement and control plus testing and various applications. The content of the volume was extensively revised to ensure that it includes all innovative technologies/techniques, for example the temporal moments and wave form replication. The readers will get the thorough understanding of the ways the theory shall be applied to solve the problems that are encountered most frequently. The book has already been word recognized as an excellent source of technical information for the engineers who specialize in various fields of engineering, including but not limited to mechanical and electrical engineering. The compilation of the material was conducted by two professional engineers possessing a great practical experience which they would like to share.

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