Icebreaking Operations - Levels of Service

Author(s)                 Ice Breaking Program
Publisher Canada Coast Guard
Date 2006
Pages 58
Format pdf
Size 33.1 Mb

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   The present CCG publication will give very clear and quite concise technical definitions of the ice-breaking services that could actually be expected by the clients; in addition to that, all delivery targets have been covered. The paper is also including the measures of the performance for the customer focus, that have been developed in the course of the several workshops that were held in association with numerous official representatives of commercial shipping companies in close cooperation with the governmental authorities. Moreover, the authors of the document have included detailed costs of the operations and complaint mechanism. The publication opens with the chapter that provides some of the general introductory info, including the process of the development of the standards directly relating to the service, historical overview, partnership, planning framework etc., followed by the chapter describing the ice-breaking operations, including harbor breakout, route assistance and other aspects. The other chapters of this document are dealing with the block commitments, resource info, ice management issues, flood control, requests for the services; the last chapter of the publication is dedicated to the complaints, comments, and suggestions. The document was prepared and released by the CCG, standing for the Canadian Coast Guard, within the framework of the official Icebreaking Program. 

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