IMCA - A Guide to DP-Related Documentation for DP Vessels

AIthor(s)                 IMCA
Publisher IMCA
Date 2004
Pages 16
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   The title of this IMCA-released publication is self-explanatory - it is dedicated to the documentation related to the dynamic positioning systems installed on the ships. This volume appeared as a result of the thorough review, analysis and update of the 109 DPVOA publication released by Global Maritime years ago, in 1993. At that time the purpose was to work out a common technical approach to the documentation required to be carried on board DP ships. There have been a number of serious developments since then resulted in completely new guidance papers, introduction of the ISM Code, CMID and others - and, of course, practical experience was gained and lessons were learned. The implementation and use of the computers has also played the significant role in accelerating of the process - it allowed a huge amount of information be available both on board and ashore in the electronic format easy to access and retrieve. The present publication is aimed to provide all interested parties with a possible means of even better arrangement of the documentation relating to the shipboard DP systems. It shall be considered a non-mandatory but still very useful and practical guide to the relevant documentation. Numerous checklists included in this volume will also help the DP operators better arrange the associated documentation.

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