International Conference IMLA 19 Opatija 2011

Author(s)                 Captain Ashok Mahapatra
Publisher IMLA
Date 2011
Pages 371
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   The international maritime industry of today is being challenged by so many important factors, one of them being the fall-out from the current economic crisis causing the rippling effects; we shall also take into close consideration the global warming effect with all scientific impacts involved, as well as the direction in which today's shipping industry shall move to decrease negative impact of the air emissions another factor to be considered is rising cost of energy and shortage of the manpower experienced elsewhere - of course, these factors will not disappear in the nearest future and shall therefore be paid attention. This problem cannot be fixed immediately, and the participants of the shipping industry have to get the vessels manned with better rained and adjusted personnel having all required internship at sea. It shall be noted that safety and security, as well as the environmental credentials of shipping and whole future sustainability of the maritime industry totally depend on developing of the capable and effective manpower resources. It is quite obvious that development and training of the manpower and all other issues connected with human resources will become one of the most serious challenges faced by the industry...

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