International Straits - Concept, Classification and Rules of Passage

Author(s)                 Ana G. Lopez Martin
Publisher Springer
Date 2014
Pages 218
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   The volume has been intended to provide a thorough professional analysis of the navigation regime in its historical relation to the UNCLOS, standing for the UN Convention of the Law at Sea, as well as a detailed analysis of the concepts of international straits. Ana Martin, the author of this title, is examining eight major categories of the straits as they are laid out in the above stated Convention. The content of the volume also provides the discussion or the transit passage regime and innocent passage, navigation systems in the international straits, presenting the domestic legislation plus TSS, i.e. traffic separation schemes applying to international straits. In addition, the content f the work includes a full catalogue of international straits in accordance with the respective articles of the UNCLOS Convention. It is a brilliant product of renewed professional efforts to understanding the current status of active rules and current practices that are surrounding international straits. The book is universally useful and practical to many categories of readers. The way of explanation makes the content accessible even to non-professionals and for the specialists of the maritime industry this is a real treasure as they will definitely have the information very useful for their day-to-day work.

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