japanese destroyer fuyuzuki vs american destroyer bagley
Slawomir and Wisniewski
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   The present informative technical publication belongs to the famous and popular Yellow Periscope series. As it is quite clearly implied in the title of this paper, it is mainy intended to address two remarkable naval vessels of the past, namely the American destroyer USS Bagley, and Japanese destroyer Fuyuzuki. The content of this publication has been compiled by three world recognized and respected naval history and warfare experts. The document provides all interested readers with the technical information related to each of these two destroyers, including main characteristics, dimensions of the vessels, their machinery installations, armament and complement. Numerous photographs are supplementing the text part and ship plans provided in the book. For example, the first photo shows the battleship Yamato and destroyer Fuyuzuki at the time of their action near Okinawa in the April of 1945. Looking at the photographs, all readers may track the history of both Fuyuzuki and Bagley destroyers. Some photographs of the sister vessels has also been provided, e.g. of the Harutsuki and Yoizuki destroyers. The people interested with the naval warfare of the past may used the information included in this document to compare the characteristics of these famous destroyers.

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