Japanese Heavy Cruisers of World War II In Action

Author(s)                 Wayne Patton
Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications
Date 2006
Pages 60
Format pdf
Size 12.4 Mb

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   In this interesting historical title released by Squadron/Signal Pub. compiled by Wayne Patton and perfectly colored by Don Greer, the famous IJN heavy cruisers that served during the Second World War have been addressed. The readers will find lots of interesting technical information including figures and sketches plus photos of those heavy cruisers. Following famous classes of Japanese heavy cruisers have been described in detail - Yubari, Furutaka, Tone, Aoba, Mogami, Takao, Myoko. The heavy cruisers of the IJN were truly fascinating with their massive pagoda-like superstructures; there were speedy and armed with the "Long Lace" torpedoes. They have established a brilliant "heavy hitter"-reputation during their action throughout the whole Second World War. The present title should supplement another publication by Wayne Patton, dedicated to the Japanese light cruisers serving in the historical period covered. Following the same approach to the layout and content of the book, this volume offers its readers a really huge amount of technical info that includes images, data tables, line drawings and informative text descriptions. One of the most informative titles about the Japanese naval warfare of that times.

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