Japanese Naval and Merchant Shipping Losses During World War II by All Causes

Author(s)                 Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee
Publisher U.S. Army Military History Institute
Date 1990
Pages 204
Format pdf
Size 35.3 Mb

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   As the name of the publication implies, it contains nearly full list of the losses suffered by Japanese Naval and merchant fleet during the World War Two. The list was prepared and published by the joint U.S. Army-Navy Committee which was intentionally established with the purpose of estimation of subject losses and consisted of the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Forces representatives. The members of the subject committee were supposed to meet from time to time in order to perform the periodical study and evaluation of the reports of human losses as well as damages to the enemy. Among the information sources utilized when compiling the reports of losses there were prisoner of war reports and captured documents, Ariyoshi's List, Naval Ministry and Shipowner's Lists, US Photo Intelligence and many others. The results of the assessment agreed by all members of the committee, have been included in the present report, which includes the naval ships known or believed to be lost, and all merchant ships of more than 500 GT. Some minor number of ships have not been subjected to the assessment due to the insufficient information available as to cause their loss. This is a good reference source for those interested in the history.

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