k-boat catastrophe
N. S. Nash
Pen & Sword
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   This nice and informative historical account is dedicated to not too glorious days in the history of the Royal British Navy fleet. The content of this book by "Tank" Nash is describing the whole chain of the historical disasters which in fact were avoidable - it all took place in the January of 1918 when the elements of the Grand Fleet were conducting a transit to the place where the naval exercises were planned to be conducted in the North Sea. The content of the publication was made up on the basis of the invaluable contributions by the professional scientists and researchers, and is drawing a really great deal from the ADM 156-86 Admiralty file. The author of this historical book is a soldier who wanted to be a sailor for all his life. As the name of the title implies, it will tell readers a very interesting and true story of what happened during the famous Battle of the Isle of May; the text of the book is arranged in seven major sections and supplemented with the numerous informative illustrations, and such approach lets the readers build the full and clear picture. The author was inspired to write this work as he could see the Isle of May itself and the "battlefield" from his residence in North Berwick...

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