Life-Saving Appliances Pocket Checklist - Reducing the Risk of Port State Control Detentions

Author(s)                 LR & UK P&I Club
Publisher LR & UK P&I Club
Date 2008
Pages 18
Format pdf
Size 1.1 Mb

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   The content of this compact yet quite comprehensive and of course very practical publication was specifically designed to provide seamen with the check sheet to be used when preparing their vessels for the forthcoming PSC inspections and reduce the risk of the associated detention. Thousands of the crew members and passengers were either killed or missed from the lost vessels. Moreover, the number of the fatalities and accidents occurring at the time of the routing lifeboat drills and inspections is constantly rising. That's why it is essential that the crew members of the vessels receive appropriate training in the field of the inspection, maintenance and operation of the equipment and that subject equipment is operationally ready at any time. The specialists of the UK P&I Club have performed a thorough analysis of the available data related to the LSA, including the deficiencies that have been found by the PSC officers. Their efforts have eventually resulted in this practical re-usable check sheet highlighting the most frequently found deficiencies and listing them in several convenient sections. Subject officers usually commence their surveys from the Master's office. It is therefore critically important that all certification paperwork is updated and valid, including all relevant records and other mandatory documents. The Master shall notify the port authorities about any broken/missing equipment prior to entering the port...

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