MaK M453C Project Guide

Author(s)                 Caterpillar
Publisher Caterpillar
Date 1993
Pages 124
Format pdf
Size 8.4 Mb

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   This publication was released by Caterpillar in two languages - English and German. It sheds light on the following aspects of M 453 C diesel engine: description, dimensions, central distance and transport, piston and cylinder liner removal, reference conditions for engine rating and fuel oil consumption, required fixed pitch propeller selection and manoeuvering behaviour with such propeller, recommendation for controllable pitch propeller operation, load increment, gas oil/MDO specification, viscosity and temperature diagram, fuel system - low load operation and pier-to-pier operation, lube oil system, cooling water system - flow velocities, starting air system, turbocharging - operation with low air temperature, emergency operation without turbocharger, combustion air and heat radiation, exhaust gas system - position of exhaust gas nozzle, installation exhaust gas pipe, flow resistance, diagram of exhaust condition, exhaust gas silencer, air home and exhaust gas sound, foundation, resilient mounting, coupling components, engine and gearbox, engine-PTO, resilient mounting of genset, required alternator dimensions, genset dimensions, control and remote control, safety system, diagnostic system DICARE, monitoring of main engine, standard acceptance test ru, engine parts, units of measurement and technical data.

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