Manual on Oil Pollution - Section I - Prevention

Author(s)                 IMO
Publisher IMO
Date 2011
Pages 139
Format pdf
Size 36.7 Mb

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   The present volume is the official one released by IMO and containing the Sec. 1 of the Manual on Oil Pollution. This publication opens with some intro that is followed by a comprehensive glossary of definitions/abbreviations used throughout the text of the book. The requirements applicable to all ships and for tankers are listed in the first part; the book also describes oil tanker operations carried out at berths (including offshore and SPM moorings), piers and jetties, ship to ship transfer of crude oil and various petroleum products at anchor and also while underway, operations at FSO/FPSO facilities... Some examples of checklists are provided in the Appendix. The volume will provide the readers with the required practical guidance relating to the pollution prevention; it will also describe the established procedures for proper handling of various oil cargoes, STS operations, bunkering, operations in iced waters, etc. Moreover, a good overview of the proven pollution prevention practices has also been provided, serving as the useful complement to the recognized shipping industry standards that are available today. Note that te info provided in the book is not intended to replace/supersede any regulation, law or other relevant information contained in any other regulatory publication.

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