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D. Feron
 Publisher IOM Communications Ltd.
 Date 2001
 Pages 323
 Format pdf
 Size 14.3 Mb

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The publication is presenting the updated view of the marine corrosion of the stainless steel, covering the relevant fields of selection and testing of the materials, their protection and monitoring. The first part of the volume consists of five chapters and is mainly concerned with the analysis of the results of the tests conducted in the course of the researches performed in the European sea waters towards the three popular types of the stainless steel some thirty years ago. The author of the book has provided the clear description of the experimental procedures and all required data, such as the critical pitting temperature, as well as the crevice corrosion results etc. This information is forming the core of the volume, followed by the chapters dealing with the professional reviews of the results and reports. The main covered topics are the selection of the materials, including superaustenic steels, desalination processes, high-alloy steels, topside marine corrosion, duplex stainless steels and other important matters. The chapter addressing the testing and experience covers the application limits, steel ageing and its influence on the behavior, modern steels, potential-dimension diagram, nickel base alloys etc. The "protection and monitoring" chapter covers the cathodic protection, monitoring of the pitting corrosion, future applications and other aspects.

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