Mariners Guide For Hurricane Awareness In The North Atlantic Basin

Author(s)                 Eric J. Holweg
Publisher National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Date 2000
Pages 72
Format PDF
Size 1.2 Mb

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   The content of the present navigational guide is mainly intended to air all mariners in getting a good working understanding of the very complex structure as well as behavior of the tropical cyclones commonly occurring in the NAO, i.e. North Atlantic Ocean. The mariners duly armed with the required knowledge and all information that has been provided by Eric Holweg in this brilliant work, will be considered prepared to "weather the storm" and avoid the potential catastrophic events, because they will know where exactly to acquire the forecasts and get the necessary guidance for the current tropical cyclones. The present work will be discussing some ship routing and options of avoiding the hurricanes with the ultimate aim to highlight the critical thought processes, risk assessment and also all practical actions required to be considered to remain safe when the threat of the cyclone exists at open sea or in the harbor. Needless to say that though the title of the publication mentions professional mariners, the information contained will be equally useful to the people planning to become mariners and even students, taking into account that the way in which the information has been presented makes it quite easy to catch even for the people without professional marine background.

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