Maritime Governance - Speed, Flow, Form, Process

Author(s)                 Michael Roe
publisher Springer
Date 2015
Pages 330
Format pdf
Size 2.6 Mb

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   This book examines the controversies that surround governance and policy-making in the light of globalisation and with specific reference to the most globalised of all industries—the maritime sector and international shipping in particular. It forms part two of a three-part consideration of the issues that underlie the problems faced by the maritime sector which are manifested in the death, injury, environmental degradation and inefficiency that characterises the industry. In turn, these can be represented as three dimensions. Dimension 1 is the situation as it exists for maritime governance and policy-making and was considered in detail in the earlier volume—Maritime Governance and Policy-Making (Roe 2013). The impact of globalisation upon international shipping was analyzed and the inadequacies of the current hierarchical structure characterised by four features was assessed: the excessive significance still attributed to the nation-state in maritime governance; the domination of anachronistic institutions; the limited range of stakeholders; and the predominant influence of shipowners.

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