Maritime Power in the Black Sea

Author(s)                 Deborah Sanders
Publisher Ashgate Pub. Co.
Date 2014
Pages 248
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   Over the last few decades the broader concept of 'maritime', as opposed to 'sea' or 'naval', power has emerged within the maritime literature to describe the multidimensional and more complex relationship a state has with the seas, oceans and rivers in the twenty-first century. Maritime power, which can be defined as the ability of a state to achieve a political goal or a desired effect using the maritime domain, provides an important means to protect and advance national interests. The ami of this book is to contribute to the ongoing debate about how we might measure or assess a state's maritime power. The ability to use the maritime domain enables states to perform a wide array of maritime tasks and functions at or from the sea. These might include traditional maritime roles such as war-fighting, power projection and maritime diplomacy as well the ability to perform non-military roles such as preserving maritime resources, ensuring the safe transit of cargoes and people at sea. protecting maritime borders, upholding maritime sovereignty, engaging in maritime security operation, rescuing those in peril and preventing the misuse of the oceans, seas and rivers. Maritime power is therefore an important tool of statecraft and is the focus of this book...

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