Maritime Traders in the Ancient Greek World


C. M. Reed
 Publisher Cambridge University Press
 Date 2003
 Pages 162
 Format pdf
 Size 1.4 Mb

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Really worthwhile volume that should definitely be read by all people with the serious interest in the Greek trade and economy of the ancient time. The book has been deservedly treated as a very important and valuable contribution to the understanding oh the maritime trade activities of those times. The content of the publication is well-balanced and sensible. The author is dealing directly with the subject and the introduction to the book has been mainly devoted to the point of organization and procedure. All of the passages and terms covered within this documents have been translated from Greek to English; however, when reproducing the original Greek the author has resorted to two scripts - ancient Greek and the one transliterated into English, with corresponding decisions being made depending on the nature of the particular passage. The sections covering the abbreviations and providing the references to the Greek terms have also been provided. The boo provide all required information on the classical exchange patterns and modes, juridical place and wealth of the maritime traders of the ancient times, as well as the official and unofficial attitudes towards the maritime traders and archaic exchange modes. There are several appendices with additional information. In short, a good one for naval historians and enthusiasts...

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