ME Engine Training Course - MAN B&W Diesel

Author(s)                 MAN B&W Diesel
Publisher MAN B&W Diesel
Date 2006
Pages 142
Format pdf
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   Here is one of the most popular and effective training courses specifically prepared and released by the recognized professionals of the MAN B&W Diesel, who are there among the world leaders in the field of marine engineering. The content of this training course starts with some very general description of ME Engine - in this section a brief historical information has been provided, for instance - the founding of this company, development of the marine engines, diesel chronicle, some brief theoretical information pertaining to the marine diesel engine construction as well as operation and maintenance principles, major technical specifications and nomenclature of the engines, etc. The second part is dedicated to the ME Concept and contains necessary information on the control systems, tacho systems, performance and maneuvering systems. The following two parts of this course are addressing the Hydraulic Power Supply and Hydraulic Cylinder Units, correspondingly. They are in turn followed by the sections covering the Fuel and Exhaust Systems of the marine diesel engines. Finally, the last chapters of this training will provide necessary info on the MOP Displays as well as PMI Systems. It goes without saying that this course is highly recommended to the people having any dealing with the marine diesel engines, regardless of their experience and position, i.e. from students to professional marine engineers.

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