Mechanical Engineering - BTEC National Option Limits

Author(s)                 Alan Darbyshire
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Date 2003
Pages 432
Format pdf
Size 4.2 Mb

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   The book has been primarily designed to serve as f complete program of learning for the well known and maybe the most popular in the world mechanical engineering course for the students. The materials included in this title has been structured in a remarkably easy-to-follow manner; the text part has been supplemented with such the important features as the key points/activity panels, test questions etc. making this volume an excellent resource for both self-studying and classroom training. The author is a practicing lecturer with a great practical experience in the subject field. Alan Darbyshire has successfully adopted a common format and good approach throughout this publication. The book starts with a opening chapter which covers the main and core Mechanical Principles unit considered basic for the BTEC degree in mechanical engineering. The first of the chapters address the mechanical technology as well as different engineering materials,  thermodynamics, mechanical technology and fluid mechanics, further principles of mechanical engineering, etc. The text questions are thoroughly interspersed with the main content of the present volume, and this approach would allow all readers to check their understanding of the training material and provide them with a practical opportunity to exactly reflect what they have learnt.​​

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