Mechanical Fastening, Joining, and Assembly

Author(s)                 James A. Speck
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2014
Pages 384
Format pdf
Size 14.9 Mb

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   To make a good and well-fastened assembly, their proper design and quality parts as well as the proper execution of the assembly procedures are required. This book will provide readers with thorough understanding of the mechanical joining and fastening and will also give the assembly information. The content of the publication is a compilation of the experience of James Speck, the author, in the present field. This is a second edition of the book addressing the latest technological trends and looking at the current technologies of fastening that are used in key areas of the industry. The author is explaining the fastening function in detail and he is also describing various established effective approaches to the fastening. The text of the book has been expanded and revised to include the review and presentation of the fastened components, paying particular attention to the design and assembly, together with the manufacturing and subsequent installation of fastener products. Among the topics covered within the book there are vibration issues, special materials, environmental factors, joining applications. The theory is supplemented with the numerous reference data charts for illustration. The readers will be provided with a thorough review of the engineering basics and all in fact all information required.

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