Methanol Safe Handling Manual

Author(s)                  MI
Publisher Methanol Institute
Date 2011
Pages 61
Format pdf
Size 1.9 Mb

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   This informative training booklet provides the basic required info and necessary instructions to follow on safe handling of the methanol cargo during the sea transportation - it was prepared and released by the professionals of the world recognized Methanol Institute, which established more than a century ago and serves as the global trade association for the world Methanol Industry; it directs product stewardship activities and initiates marker development efforts. The readers will get all critical information of the marine transportation of methanol, including properties of methanol, understanding the risks involved, managing the health risk, methanol inhalation toxicity data, methanol ingestion, treatment for exposure, personal protection, detection of methanol, detector tubes, electronic instruments, absorbent tubes, biological monitoring, managing fire risks etc. The booklet starts with the several accidents occurred during the transportation of the methanol - these case studies give the idea how dangerous the substance may be to the people and the environment when handled improperly. You definitely have to go through this booklet if you intend to get involved in any related activities. There is also a nice training video film which can be used in addition to this booklet.

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