Modeling of Sonar Transducers and Arrays

Author(s)                 Dr. George W. Benthien, Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Publisher Scientific
Date 2005
Pages 227
Format pdf
Size 1.3 Mb

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   The present report covers numerous topics considered important and relevant in the modeling of sonar transducers as well as transducer arrays. The distribution of this publication was quite limited since some part of the material contained i it was classified as critical for military purposes. Among the topics covered within this publication there are acoustic and structural modeling, electrical interconnections, structure-acoustic coupling, material parameters, specific types of acoustic projectors and others. The book starts with the chapter dedicated to the acoustic modeling. It addresses such issues as the equations depicting the acoustic wave, various analytic solutions of the wave equation, integral relations, and integral equation methods, point sources and dipoles, plane wave solutions, wave envelope method, infinite element methods etc. The next chapter deals with the structural modeling and covers variational methods, interpolation schemes, fluid, structural, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive finite elements, variational approximations etc. In short, the book is specifically recommended to the persons dealing with the sonar transducers and will be useful due to the valuable information contained in it.

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