Naval Weapons of World War Two

Author(s)                 John Campbell
Publisher Naval Institute Press
Date 2002
Pages 416
Format pdf
Size 156 Mb

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   It is quite known fact that there is absolutely no any shortage of reference on the naval vessels being experienced - we have lots of the information available on the vessels that participated in the Second World War, however the weapons those vessels carried have always been ignored - you may only find some very basic particulars. Such situation has been eventually rectified with the release of this extensive volume entirely - the content of the document is completely encyclopedic in its scope and is basing on the original researches. Divided by countries, the present publication is covering all the major weaponry of that time. The authors have also outlined the weapons that belong to the earlier vintage employed during the war plus the ones which were in the experimental stage or under trials/development. The text has been supplemented with more than 300 data tables and about five hundred illustrations. John Campbell, the author of this perfect publication, has made an excellent attempt to produce a volume that would provide readers with the detailed summary of all major political and also economical factors did affected the design of the naval armament and introduce the national sections to provide the detailed technical descriptions of the weapons and technical specifications, and performance history, together with a wealth of other relevant and important information.

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