Navy Swimming and Water Survival - Instructors Manual

Author(s)                 Collective
Publisher NASC
Date 2007
Pages 108
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   The present manual has been developed by the NASC and officially released with the ultimate intention to serve as a guidance in meeting the requirements to teaching/testing the skills required for Navy swimming and also water survival. It has been designed to further promote the instructional plus testing standardization. The content of the manual is reflecting the modern methods and established instructional procedures together with the safety considerations all making this paper a useful reference source. Note that it is not aimed to contravene in any was the specialized aquatic techniques or applicable requirements that are set forth in the NETC documents. Among the topics covered within this manual there are the breath control t avoid the hyper-ventilation and water aspiration, tips on staying afloat and conservation of the energy as well as prevention of the exhaustion and support of head above the surface of the water when wearing different organizational equipment. The readers will find valuable instructions on efficient swimming and abandoning ships, underwater swimming including swimming in rough seas and through surface debris and burning oil. All skills and techniques contained in this document are applicable to teaching people how to properly cope with several unique aspects of sea survival...

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