Nondestructive Evaluation - Theory, Techniques, and Application

Author(s)                 Peter J. Shull
Publisher Marcel Dekker, Inc.
Date 2002
Pages 868
Format pdf
Size 10.7 Mb

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   This nice and comprehensive title is specifically intended to clearly describe the matters relating to the NDE, standing for the non-destructive evaluation, and commonly associated with the real-life applications of the NDE methods, detailing both existing, i.e. conventional plus also the forthcoming techniques of such evaluation. Through the content of his work, the author is instructing readers on the current practices, commonly used techniques and equipment in use, together with the limitations and future potentials of the existing methods of evaluation. Each chapters is detailing a particular NDE method, providing a comprehensive technical overview and clear explanation of the basic physical laws that are governing this method, covering also the inspection techniques. The authors are also discussing some historical background of each of the methods covered. The equations used for calculating have also been dealt with. It is a really perfect source of reference info for people willing to get better understanding of the techniques. The book shall be equally useful for the students and specialists since the information is presented in a very simple and clear language; the authors have managed to prepare an excellent blend of the fundamental and advanced information addressing the most popular non-destructive testing.

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