NTC's Dictionary of Easily Confused Words

Author(s)                 Deborah Williams
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 1995
Pages 208
Format pdf
Size 30.8 Mb

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   This Dictionary is a good, complete and practical reference of most common mistakes made in English usage; the material provided in it is supplemented with numerous informative examples. Apart from the introductory part and dictionary itself, the publication includes a good Pronunciation Guide. The book will be perfect when used as a reference guide since it will allow users to better understand the words that are usually very confusing and get to know how and where to use them properly. The arrangement of the dictionary is alphabetical. The cross-references permit readers to locate every single word much quicker and easier, saving time. The pronunciation key supplements every word included in the dictionary. As a result, the volume helps readers to find the words and also to discover what is their correct pronunciation, understand their meaning and proper use. The dictionary was designed with the intention of the author to assist readers in mastering the confusing words, and offer them clear and practical guidance. The phonetic transcription in IPA symbols will also help them better recognize words. An excellent choice for the students of the intermediate/advanced levels, who are studying English as a second (non-native) language. Take some time going through this book.

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