Ocean Sensing and Monitoring - Optics and Other Methods

Author(s)                 Weilin Hou
Publisher SPIE Press
Date 2013
Pages 274
Format pdf
Size 44.4 Mb

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   This publication was prepared to familiarize readers with the major techniques of the optical ocean sensing. It is mainly covering the most important topics relating to optical monitoring as well as sensing applications and is expected to be equally suitable for managers and professionals in all related disciplines. Bearing in mind the variety of the specialized areas in the oceanography science, it was nearly impossible for the author to include all of them in the single tutorial so the main emphasize was made on the science and reasons behind specific approaches and methods without getting too deep into the details of issues. The volume contains a pretty explanatory text presenting the very major techniques of the optical sensing of the ocean. The publication will definitely be found suitable for both pros and managers in the relevant fields, plus for the students with the serious interest in exploration of the career in ocean engineering or remote ocean sensing. The book opens with some short overview of the key branches of ocean research, and this would include the geo-oceanography, covering chemical, physical, biological and other related aspects. That is why we would not limit the target group for this volume with the people mentioned above.  

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