Oceanography of the East Sea (Japan Sea)

Author(s)                 Kyung-II Chang, Chang-Ik Zhang, Chul Park, Se-Jong Ju, Sang-Hoon Li, Mark Wimbush
Publisher Springer
Date 2015
Pages 460
Format pdf
SIze 19.6 Mb

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  The volume prepared by a team of the world recognized specialists in the field of the oceanography was released as a brilliant result of their intention to provide the industry with the review of the researches conducted in different fields of the oceanography and concerned with the response of the sea in question to the changes in climate. The East Japan Sea is quite unique because of the very rapid and seriously amplified response to the changes in climate, including the long-term trends of both chemical and physical parameters at a rate almost doubling the global rate. The present publication is aimed to demonstrate the results obtained from the previously released sources in a duly organized way, and also to introduce a significantly updated view of the relevant researches that have been carried out recently. The content of the volume has been arranged in several chapters comprising the chemical, physical, geo- and biological aspects of the region in questions and the fisheries. The title has been specifically prepared for the students/researchers involved in the works related to the climate variability plus members of the oceanography community. The results presented in the book will also be of great use to the researchers working in the other fields.

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