Offshore Operation Facilities - Equipment and Procedures

Author(s)                 Huacan Fang, Menglan Duan
Publisher Gulf Publishing Company
Date 2014
Pages 1196
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   After Dagang Oil Field was discovered in 1964, which was called Plant 641 at that time, the Chinese offshore oil industry started in 1965 when the Ministry of Petroleum Industry decided to "go to the sea." Although offshore oil began 70 years later in China than in the rest of the world, through decades of hard work, China's offshore oil and gas exploration and development has witnessed astonishing progress and thus has made great achievements that attract worldwide attention. China has discovered six big oil and gas basins in the 130*10 m2 offshore continental shelf of the Bohai Sea, South Yellow Sea, East China Sea, South Sea Pearl River Mouth, Yinggehai in Beibu Gulf, and the shallow water of Taiwan Strait. It is estimated that China has an abundance in offshore oil and gas resources with (150 ~ 200) x 10s t of oil resources and 14 x 1012 m3 of natural gas resources. By creating the Foreign Cooperative Exploitation of Offshore Petroleum Resources Act in 1982, China established China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC, for short). Against this backdrop, China's offshore oil industry took a new step. Over the past 20 years, China has been following the principle of foreign cooperation while maintaining independent management; at the same time, China has insisted on the innovation of systems and technology, as well as following the path of internationalized development. In terms of offshore oil and gas development and production, China has achieved continuously high-speed and high-efficiency performance. Oil production developed from an annual output of 8 x 104 t in 1982 to 4293 x 104 t in 2008 (equivalent to total oil and gas production in that year). Take the CNOOC as an example: Its gross assets reached CNY 428.5 billion with its net assets reaching CNY 291.6 billion, and its sales volume, gross profit, and taxes paid that year reached CNY 198.3 billion, 67.7 billion, and 56.9 billion, respectively. This made a significant contribution to the national economy...

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