Operation of Kangrim Boiler

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   Another training software released by MOTIA. This one is dedicated to the operation of Kangrim Boiler. Two main parts of the program cover Automatic Operation and Emergency Operation of the subject machinery piece. The starting sequence of the boiler is controlled by the automatic sequence controller. The load modulation is controlled by the steam pressure controller. The controller gives signal to the servomotor which regulates the oil compound regulator. The auto firing sequence for the Automatic Operation mode would be as follows: 1 - boiler operation key should be in Auto mode, 2- boiler modulation switch in Auto mode - steam pressure controller can control oil regulating valve, 3- burner switch in On position - supply is available to the automatic sequence controller... And so forth. Moving pictures with comments will let the user easier understand the basics of the operation of the boiler. No need for any installation, no codes required. No any type of malware inside.

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