Oxford Guide to Effective Writing & Speaking

Author(s)                 John Seely
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 2013
Pages 400
Format epub
Size 2 Mb

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   Here is a popular essential guide aimed to anyone willing to communicate in max effective and clear English language. The guide has been organized very clearly and consists of four major sections. The first section has been named "Communicating in everyday life", and it covers numerous examples of communications including preparing e-mail messages, various reports and presentations. The second section - "Getting your message across" - is mainly focusing on the most important factors like time, purpose and subject. The third section - "Communication tools" - provides valuable information on the grammar and vocabulary, punctuation and spelling to make sure that the communication is kept as accurate as it is possible. Finally, the last fourth section of the book, named "The process of writing", as it is implied by the title, looks at what is involved there in preparation of longer written pieces, including drafting and planning, summaries, editing, research and presentation. The publication is full of so useful practical guidance, exercises with keys and other informative supplementary materials. It is considered one of the best and most comprehensive grammar guides to using English for effective communication. We would also underline that the layout and arrangement of the book makes it nearly ideal for use everywhere - it will guide the reader step-by-step through all important aspects of speaking and writing. 

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