Power Electronics Design - A Practitioners Guide

Author(s)                 Keith H. Sueker
Publisher Newnes
Date 2005
Pages 272
Format pdf
Size 1.3 Mb

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   Another Newnes electrical engineering publication is intended to serve as a perfect reference which would cover the different important aspects of application of high power semi-conductor technology to various power conversion equipment, large motor drives, utility auxiliaries, power supplies and many other applications. The book covers such areas as electrical power and various power apparatus, feedback control systems, phase control, pulsed converters, rectifiers, switch mode systems, converter equations, rotating machines, different thermal considerations, etc. It includes more than two hundred of illustrations, many examples and features a very down-to-earth approach without any isoteric information and too complex jargon. the readers will be provided with the valuable cautionary advice basing on the examples of costly design goofs. The author of the book did a really remarkable job making the complex power electronics design transparent and easy-to-understand for the readers, thanks to the direct and very simple language used in his explanations and also owing to the minimum reliance on the math. Would say this is the recommended reading for any person making the practical steps in the field of power systems design.

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