Power Transformers Principles and Application

Author(s)                 Jonh J. Winders, Jr.
Publisher Marcel Dekker, Inc.
Date 2007
Pages 296
Format pdf
Size 1.4 Mb

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   The present publication was written by John Winders on the basis of the training materials of the Transformer Applications course. It aims to cover the most relevant and important topics, like basic theory of the transformers, two-winding transformer connections, transformer impedance/losses and three-winding transformers, automatic transformers, short circuits, inrush currents, auxiliary electrical equipment, reading and applying name plate data, and, finally, maintenance, troubleshooting and testing, as well as their reliability. The theoretical materials that are provided by the author are supplemented with lots of equations, data tables and illustration for their easier understanding. The author has covered the underlying theory of the power transformers and also touched the issues relating to the application of this theoretical knowledge to the design process of the transformers. This handbook would also be very helpful when used as a sort of practical reference for the industrial power engineers. In addition to all the summaries provided in each of the chapters, the main body of the publication gives a truly excellent descriptions of the various auxiliary electrical equipment and systems. In short, the book gives the info on how to read and interpret, and subsequently apply the data on the transformer's nameplate...

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