Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Author(s)                 Cornelius Scheffer, Paresh Girdhar
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2002
Pages 242
Format pdf
Date 2.7 Mb

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   The book will be providing all interested readers with a remarkably detailed examination of the detection and location as well as the proper diagnostics of possible faults occurring in reciprocating and rotating machinery pieces by means of the vibration analysis. At first, the authors examine the fundamentals and underlying physics theory of the vibration signals. The acquisition and further processing of such signals has been reviewed. The authors have also identified the key issues of the rectification of the relevant faults using the vibration analysis. The content of the volume also features a coverage of the different techniques of the predictive maintenance, for example oil and particle analysis, infra-red thermography and UT, i.e. ultrasonic inspection. They have used all recent developments and techniques. The readers who spend some time with this book will get a good understanding of the process of measurement and proper application of the vibration analysis for different faults in machinery. It contains lots of informative materials useful for the machinery maintenance professionals. Among the areas covered there are detection of the unbalance and misalignments, various belt and bearing problems, as well as the failures in the gearboxes. The students will also fin this volume useful for making the relevant presentations and for the homework. 

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