Pressure Vessels Field Manual - Common Operating Problems and Practical Solutions

Author(s)                 Maurice Stewart, Oran T. Lewis
Publisher Gulf Professional Publishing
Date 2009
Pages 498
Format pdf
Size 19.3 Mb

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   Remarkably handy textbook to be used as reference source covering common degradation mechanism. It will be very useful for people needing advice on how to determine required actions and prevent both heat and chemical damage, and external corrosion. This is one of the books forming Field Manual series, intended to give the students and experienced mechanical engineers with the recently developed tools that they could use to make necessary alterations, repair and re-rate of the various pressure vessels in accordance with the applicable ASME, API and NBIC standards and technical codes. The publication contains nicely detailed step-by-step procedures that describe the process of design of the pressure vessels, together with their in-field inspections and alterations. The readers will get the due understanding of how to properly select the pressure vessel specifications that are necessary, evaluate the associated technical reports and determine the allowable stress. Moreover, it provides guidance on calculating the stresses that usually occur in the pressure vessels and also covering the issues of the selection of construction materials. We would say that this book is absolutely recommended to all technical personnel involved in the design, construction, installation, operation, periodical maintenance and required repair of the pressure vessels.

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