Prevention of Pollution of the Marine Environment from Vessels

Author(s)                 Md Saiful Karim
Publisher Springer
Date 2014
Pages 172
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   This book explores the role of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as facilitator of the adoption and implementation of international legal instruments for the protection of the marine environment. While several studies have examined different aspects of the international legal regime concerning vessel-source marine pollution, none have presented a research monograph particularly emphasising or critically examining the role of IMO in the protection of the marine environment and the emerging challenges in fulfilling this role. This book aims to fill that gap. It contributes to this aspect of international legal scholarship, with particular emphasis on the north-south tensions IMO is currently facing. This book also presents an overview of the IMO legal instruments and their implementation process. It will work as a guide for the implementation of IMO marine environmental legal instruments. This book is likely to interest environmental lawyers, international lawyers and those involved with environmental governance. This includes academics, governments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. Apart from the research and academic community, this book may be useful for government officials who are involved with national implementation of IMO marine environmental legal instruments, particularly officials of coast guards and maritime administrations. Although it is a research monograph, this book may be used as a prescribed text for training programs for government officials, and as a recommended text for postgraduate courses on marine environmental law. While writing this book, particular emphasis has been given to fulfilling the demands of the target readership.

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