Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Author(s)                 A. R. Trott, T. Welch
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2000
Pages 377
Format pdf
Size 3.7 Mb

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   The long list of topics covered within this publication there are compressors, refrigerants, the refrigeration cycle, water towers, condensers, oil in the refrigerant circuits, expansion valves, evaporators, cold store construction, controls and other air conditioning circuit components - their selection and balancing, materials and construction, site erection, and many more, liquid chillers, brines, ice and thermal storage, refrigeration technologies used in the food trades, dairy and some other industries, freezing and freeze-drying of food, refrigeration and air-conditioning load estimation, air movement and different air conditioning methods, air drying and dehumidifiers, heat recovery, heat pumps, control systems, commissioning and important operational matters, periodical maintenance and servicing, fault training, training, economy and efficiency in operation, and catalogue selection. This work provides several practical examples of the real-life applications of the refrigeration technology and is also showing readers the numerous options that are available to solve the problems that commonly occur in the mechanical cooling systems. Of course, the readers shall understand that it is absolutely not possible to include the all information required to design a complete system in one volume. However, the publication outlines the basic design principles.

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