RoNoMar GMDSS-GOC Training Course

Author(s)                 RoNoMar
Publisher Romanian Norwegian Maritime Project
Date 2010
Pages 324
Format pdf
Size 4.9 Mb

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   The main content of the present training course was developed under the RoNoMar standing for the "Romanian-Norwegian Maritime Project" and starts with a Glossary of terms/abbreviations used within the publication and industry in general. Radio is considered a basis of all safety and distress systems that are in wide use by the vessels at sea since the initial instance of application of the radio-technology to save the human lives at sea back in 1899. The radio technology has soon been realized to be very effective and the distress-and-safety system based on the radiotechnology was established in the internationally recognized regulations and rules governing the types of the equipment and frequencies used, together with the established operational procedures. The book starts with  the introduction and theoretical basics of the GMDSS system, followed with the propagation of the radio waves, receivers and transmitters of the waves, safety and distress communications, telex procedures, DSC, radiotelephony and Inmarsat, MSI, terrestrial distress communications, SART, EPIRB, power supplies and general radio-related regulations, traffic charging and antennas, GMDSS frequencies and some additional reference information related to the operators and access codes, antenna positioning etc.

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