RS Rules for the Classification Surveys of Ships in Service

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Publisher RS
Date 2015
Pages 310
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   These Russian Register Rules set the scopes, types and schedule of the classification inspections of items for various types of vessels in order to ensure their compliance with the rules of RMRS as well as with other regulatory technical documents. They shall be applied at the time of the technical supervision of vessels and their refrigerating plants in service for classification and verification of the previously imposed conditions of class. Such inspections are to be conducted as pe the established schedule. The arrangement of the Rulebook is pretty standard for this sort of class publications. It starts with the chapter containing general provisions, followed by the chapter providing schedules and scopes of the inspections; the third part addresses additional inspections of the vessels depending on their purpose and material the hulls are made of. There are separate chapter covering chemical tankers, double skin bulk carriers, general dry cargo ships, gas carriers, passenger vessels, special purpose ships, grain carriers etc. The part four of the Rules is fully dedicated to the inspections of refrigerating plants. The appendixes provide list of technical documents, instructions to be followed during the assessment of the hull condition, repairs etc.

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