Rules of thumb for mechanical engineers


J. Edward Pope
 Publisher Gulf Professional
 Date 1996
 Pages 406
 Format pdf
 Size 17.8 Mb

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This perfect handbook will help all interested readers save their time owing to the pretty common-sense and direct techniques providing a quick and accurate real-life solutions to all engineering problems. The author of the publication has managed to assemble a huge number of practical shortcuts together with the associated calculations, supplemented with the concise reviews in a single volume. The book will serve as an excellent reference tool for the people involved in any field of mechanical engineering. The material presented in the book has been compiled on the basis of the invaluable contributions made by the mechanical engineering experts. The readers will find the easy-to-understand technical descriptions of all aspects of engineering and also get familiarized with the equipment. The book is recommended to anyone from students to specialists because of the remarkably broad coverage and presentation. The volume is absolutely full of the fundamental theoretical info, methods for quick calculation, informative illustrations and data diagrams. The content consists of sixteen chapters covering everything that would be expected to make the volume practically useful for the engineers. The author has also included the chapters on vibration and fatigue, and there is even a separate chapter fully dedicated to the engineering economics.

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