Shark Life - True Stories About Sharks and the Sea

Author(s)                 Karen Wojtyla, Peter Benchley
Publisher Yearling
Date 2005
Pages 120
Format epub
Size 1.6 Mb

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   Here is a very popular book about sharks. Nowadays, their attacks are natural news leaders. The sharks are the perfect showstopping spectacle: horror, blood and guts, and mystery. In addition to that, they are highly videogenic. Even in the case when the camera cannot get a proper shot of shark or its victim, it can still pan the empty beach, the forbidding ocean, focus on the warning signs like "Danger: Sharks" or "Beach Closed". Such attacks usually dominate the news in the summertime. Magazines, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news, internet websites keep count of the numerous incidents of supposed carnage. Experts speculate on the meanings and causes of this assault on humanity. The truth is that such hysteria is not justified by statistics or other facts. Though shark attacks seemed to occur more frequently as the twentieth century went on, they leveled off during the 1990s. 60-80 attacks are reported all over the world each year.

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