Ship and Crew - Maritime english

Author(s)                 Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
Publisher College of Engineering and Architecture, Marine Engineering Department
Date 2006
Pages 38
Format pdf
Size 2.5 Mb

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   This training file was produced by the recognized professionals of the Marine Engineering Department of the world recognized entity. It is intended to assist the members of the ship crew and marine students in improving their maritime English skills. The publication consists of the five main parts. The first part, General Information on Ships, is mainly introductory and provides descriptions of vessels and their parts and ship nomenclature. In the second part of the book the descriptions of the main ship types are provided - bulk carriers, container vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, reefer ships, Ro-Ro ships, coasters (coastal trading vessels), heavy-lift vessels, general cargo ships, cruise ships, ferries, yachts, tugboats, offshore supply ships, crane ships, cable vessels, aircraft carriers, destroyers, corvettes, frigates, cruisers and even submarines. The next section is dedicated to the movements of ships at sea and degree of freedom - heave/pitch/surge/sway/yaw/roll. This part is, in turn, followed by the one addressing crew rules and routine activities. Finally, the closing section of the publication is mainly dedicated to the engine room watchkeeping. Have a look into this book and we do promise that it will help you to make your marine English better.

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