shipboard petroleum surveys


Anthony Severn
 Publisher Anchorage Press
 Date 1995
 Pages 56
 Format pdf
 Size 8.1 Mb

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Take a time going through this nice practical guide released to explain and illustrate how the duly performed shipboard surveys can seriously reduce the risks of cargo shortages and contamination claims that commonly arise from loading/discharging of the crude oils plus various petroleum products. The authors of this booklet are recommending a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative recording/monitoring techniques proven effective; such techniques should assist in identification of the potential loss of cargo and contamination problems at their earliest stages and also to reduce the costs that are associated with the remedy. This guide has been specifically designed to be used together with the industry guidelines and different recognized standards, for examples ones issued by the API. The authors have also provided valuable advice on the avoidance of the errors in the course of the calibration of vessel. They have also given some recommendations relating to the shipboard operating and also logging procedures. All confusing terms and acronyms that are usually associated with the transportation of oil cargoes have been clearly explained. The publication has been prepared by Anthony Severn who is an internationally recognized expert on oil cargo claims commonly arising from the sea transportation and custody transfer of the crude oils and associated products. 

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